December 21,2016 //

Southern Hospitality – Memory Lane Mercantile

Much has been said about small town, Southern hospitality. In Decatur, Texas it is real and embodied in Memory Lane Mercantile proprietor, Jennifer Smurthwaite. Jennifer sees hospitality as her gift and gifted she is.

Upon entering her store, patrons immediately feel welcomed and appreciated. She has a warm and easy way with people. It is extraordinary in this day and time to have someone go out of their way to make a shopping experience unique. She encourages shoppers to slow down and take their time in the store often offering coffee and suggestions for other places of interest. She forms relationships and gets to know customers…even at times giving out her cell phone number.

Generous and supportive to the town that helped raise her children, Jennifer exudes a love for Decatur. By featuring local artisans and providing a meeting place for various activities, she is helping to build a better community.

Beautiful window designs and fabulous collections to shop from are enticing, but Jennifer is the true find in Memory Lance Mercantile.

You may walk in Memory Lane Mercantile a stranger, but you will leave a friend. Now that’s hospitality!!

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