December 10,2016 //

Who in the World is J. Riely Gordon?

Are you familiar with J. Riely Gordon? Chances are, if you have not heard the name you are a least very familiar with his work. Riely, a nationally recognized architect from San Antonio, Texas, was most known…

November 29,2016 //

Real, Untold Stories of the Decatur Courthouse

There is so much more to the Wise County Courthouse than “just a pretty face.” Any building that was erected in 1896 and still in operation today must harbor some secrets. A recent tour through covert doors…

November 16,2016 // ,

The Greathouse Hotel

Old places have a soul. ~Sarah Anderson

Only when you see the peeling paint, thread-bare carpet runners, scuff marks and stained tin ceilings can you truly get a sense of a building’s history. How can you not appreciate…

November 7,2016 // ,

Celebrating #decaturtownsquare on Good Morning Texas!

On Friday morning Decatur Town Square gave Good Morning Texas a warm welcome!


October 23,2016 // ,

Ghosts on Decatur Town Square?


It is the time of year of misty mornings. The wind picks up tugging leaves from trees. A nip is in the air, or…is it the feeling of something nearby? The Fall season conjures up ideas of…

October 10,2016 // ,

Trinity Street Coffee Bar


Decatur Town Square is happy to announce we are getting a new coffee shop!

Put your nose in the air. Inhale deeply and you might be able to smell the sweet aroma of fresh brewed coffee coming all…

September 19,2016 //

Whistle Stop Cafe Featured on Good Morning Texas News

August 19,2016 //

Courthouse Suites featured on Good Morning Texas News

April 6,2016 // ,

Sign of the times: Moran replicates blast from the past

Ifyou haven’t already noticed a new shadow falling across the Wise County Courthouse lawn, look west.
The square’s latest addition can be found hanging above
119 South State Street. Visit Site
Mark Moran, a local entrepreneur who owns several buildings on…